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Intuitive® ERP System: Building Flexibility, Control and Improved Visibility

What We Do

Intuitive ERP software is a full-function, integrated enterprise solution designed specifically to help mid-market manufacturers increase productivity, lower operational costs, and strengthen customer satisfaction. Through seamless integration and automation of business processes across the enterprise,  Intuitive ERP systems build flexibility, control, and improved information visibility into every facet of your business environment.

The Companies We Serve

Intuitive ERP software is an ideal solution for supporting companies who manufacture discrete product lines requiring repetitive, high-mix production, including product configuration and engineering change management (ECM). The manufacturing software solution is used extensively by companies in a wide range of industries, including electronics, industrial machinery and equipment, fabricated metal products, medical devices, and aviation.

How We Deliver

The Intuitive ERP system has established a track record of success, helping more than 800 companies in 20 countries improve their competitive position. The solution stands out in the marketplace for its ability to increase the quality and visibility of information manufacturers need to make the strategic and tactical operational decisions that achieve core business goals. Here are some of the ways Intuitive ERP manufacturing software delivers significant business value to customers:

  • Provide seamless integration of planning, materials management and procurement, manufacturing, financial, and business intelligence processes
  • Leverage the Microsoft .NET architecture to provide ERP and CRM capabilities that are faster, more secure, and easy to administer, modify, and integrate with other applications
  • Leverage eCommerce and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, and a well-developed services and support offering to make it easy for your customers to do business with you
  • Make it easy for your employees to do business with each other by standardizing and integrating business processes across the enterprise
  • Provide data analysis tools to enhance decision making
  • Support multi-national manufacturers with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities

Why We Excel

Comprehensive ERP manufacturing functionality and an advanced architecture based on the Microsoft® .NET framework combine to make Intuitive ERP software a leading ERP solution. Intuitive delivers superior software, in part, because the company solicits customer input throughout the development process, builds deep functionality based on this input and insights by Intuitive experts, and thoroughly tests all new capabilities before they are offered to customers.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

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